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Robert & Kathy Eaby are the founders of Crossroads Apostolic Church. Bishop Eaby felt led by the spirit to start a church in his community. Bishop and Sister Eaby started the First United Pentecostal Church of Charles County in their home in 1979. The church has grown since that first service and continues to grow. Bishop and Sister Eaby have devoted their lives to sharing the gospel and helping members deepen their relationship with the Lord. They have led with love, integrity, and selflessness. Sister Eaby ended her journey on this side of heaven on October 1, 2014, and is deeply missed. Bishop continues in a leadership role at Crossroads.  

Pastor and First Lady

Bishop and Sister Eaby felt led to pass their mantle to Curtis and Schrilla Eaby, and the congregation voted them in as lead pastor on April 8, 2006. While the church's name has changed, Pastor Curtis and Schrilla continue with the vision given to the Bishop to share the gospel and grow a community of believers.

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